Lincolnshire MS Therapy Centre and Little Miracles

Our 2018 charity in Lincoln is the Lincolnshire MS Therapy Centre – a drop-in centre for those who have Multiple Sclerosis (and their friends, families, carers) to meet and obtain treatments free of charge.¬†Our 2018 Peterborough charity is Little Miracles, … Continue reading

Tired and Hoarse – but Never Bored

Throughout 2018, we have a full programme of events planned at both Lincoln and Peterborough – with a number of inspiring speaker events alongside our unique range of 18 participative networking formats. After some of our events you may be … Continue reading

18 Different Networking Formats

Having introduced our newest networking format, “Open And Closed”, earlier this year, we now use 18 different formats of networking at our meetings in Lincoln and Peterborough. These are very participative and aim to develop a number of skills which … Continue reading