We have previously stressed the importance of preparation before attending networking events and this is so important when it comes to your “Elevator Pitch” – the presentation by you of your business to other networkers.

You wouldn’t dream of producing a leaflet, brochure or website without fully thinking things through – giving things plenty of consideration. After all, items like these are often the first images people receive of your business. So, you need to attach similar importance to your pitch in order to create a really positive first impression of you and your business.

Before going to a networking meeting, find out as much as you can about the timing and the environment :-

  • How long will you get to pitch ?
  • Will you be pitching to the whole room, to a table or to individuals ?
  • At what stage in the proceedings will you be pitching ?

Bear in mind that, no matter what “official” chance you get to pitch, you will always get informal opportunities to present yourself to other delegates on a one-to-one basis. So you probably need to keep up your sleeve a 10 seconds, a 30 seconds and a 60 seconds pitch – ready to roll out as required.

You should rehearse these presentations (and time yourself) so that you can deliver them confidently and impressively. If it helps to use cue cards, then use them – but try to avoid just blatantly reading out your pitch.

Remember - it is vital that you create a good first impression, so take it seriously, and don’t wing it!