Acid Test and “Cash Is King”


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Date - 09/05/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Orton Hall Hotel

We begin the evening with an exercise which demonstrates the value of openness and collaboration amongst our members. You do a brief presentation of your business to the other delegates on your table, and then ask the other delegates whether they would recommend you to their contacts, clients and friends.

Constructive feedback then flows as the other delegates will comment upon your pitch, your presentation, your demeanour, your uniqueness and your differentiation. As networkers, we rely upon our fellow networkers to refer and endorse us to others – so this exercise highlights quite clearly what more we can do to make ourselves easier to pass on.

We follow this exercise with a presentation from our guest speaker, Julie P. Randall. She will cover those two critical areas in our businesses – what to do to collect debts, and what to do to prevent debts from building in the first place. This topic is of vital importance to small businesses – sales figures, turnover values and profit levels are very important – but at the end of the day “Cash Is King”.

This meeting is generously sponsored by Action Coach