Change Or Be Changed


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Date - 12/02/2018
6:00 pm - 8:45 pm

The Showroom

A structured round-the-room networking session is followed by a chance to nominate people you would like to meet during the interval.  Then in the second half of the meeting an inspirational speaker, Carole Harvey the Group Chair of Vistage, will talk to us about Change.

Carole is an accomplished coach and consultant, working primarily with business leaders of reasonably large organisations.

When running a business, we are regularly confronted by Change – sometimes triggered by political or economic issues, maybe regulatory implementations or of course competitors’ actions. We can plan so that any such changes do not have a negative effect on our business, but we must also be flexible enough to exploit such situations and turn them into advantages or opportunities. Carole will examine both defensive and progressive reactions to Change whilst inviting you to consider the biggest Changes your business might encounter – and how you will react.

We will also look at proactive Changes, where you take the lead and grab the initiative so that your business gains a competitive advantage. You will be asked to consider how your staff might respond to such initiatives, and how you will manage those responses. The most successful businesses are those that effectively embrace Change – do you have the right mindset, and does your business have the right culture to handle Change ?