Matrix Networking and “Goals Which Survive Beyond Easter”


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Date - 20/01/2020
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bentley Hotel

The evening begins with Positive Networking’s ever-popular table networking extravaganza

You will present your business to a table of 6 or 7 other businesses and receive presentations from the others in turn. You will then move around the room, from table to table, presenting your business a further seven times to different people each time. Use of a carefully calculated route around the tables (“The Matrix”) ensures that you will meet every single person somewhere during the evening – but only once !  You will need plenty of business cards for this event – and plenty of stamina !

This will be followed by a very appropriate new year presentation from our guest speaker, Tony Brooks. As a leadership coach, Tony is forever impressing upon his clients the importance of setting goals. He will talk to us, not just about setting goals, but also also how not to lose sight of them. His presentation is entitled “Goals Which Survive Beyond Easter” and is a welcome return from a speaker we have used a number of times in the past.