10th Anniversary Meeting with “Neuro Marketing” and Mini Boardroom


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Date - 16/09/2019
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bentley Hotel

This event celebrates our ten years of networking in Lincoln, so it will start 2 hours earlier than usual. We are hoping that some of our former members will join us for the evening.

We will start with a round-the-room series of elevator pitches and then we follow this exercise with a presentation from our guest speaker, Katie Hart, who will deliver a fascinating presentation on Neuro Marketing.

Why was it that people who took the “Pepsi Taste Challenge” consistently reported preferring the taste of Pepsi over Coca Cola … and yet they continued to buy Coke ?  Neuro Marketing knows!

Neuro Marketing explores and measures the 15% of decision-making processes that we ARE aware of, but it also uses sophisticated methods to assess the 85% we are not aware of. True predictors of future behaviour can thus be determined.

Over the last 10 years, Katie has been one of our most popular speakers, so we are particularly pleased that she is able to speak for us again on this special occasion.

After the food, we will be running our most popular format, a business development workshop known as “Mini Boardroom“.

This exercise, more than any other, demonstrates the value of openness and collaboration amongst our members. You do a brief presentation of your business to the other delegates on your table, followed by the identification of a couple of current problems, challenges or concerns you have. Everyone else then works on your business for a quarter of an hour – putting forward suggestions, recommendations, offers of help etc.

At the end, you are asked to summarise and identify a couple of real action points you will take away. And then you get to brainstorm other people’s issues. You will all be placed on well-balanced tables with differing levels of experience and expertise. And you will get out of the exercise as much as you put into it!

This meeting is generously sponsored by Iwona Lebiedowicz Consultancy