Send Three And Fourpence, Going To A Dance

Date - 12/12/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Orton Hall Hotel

This is a high-energy test of how well your pitch survives the networking process – and itĀ is just about the hardest work you will ever get through at a networking event !

After much card-passing, colour-coding and bell-ringing, the fourth person in the chain gets to present your business to the room. There is lots of physical movement and plenty of fun, but there is a serious message underneath it all – how well does your business travel through a network of contacts ? An earlierĀ  networking exercise and a presentation from our guest speaker will sandwich the main activity, making this the most active networking event you’ll attend – but we promise you’ll enjoy it.

This event, perhaps more than any other, will demonstrate what makes this club so different.