The Knowledge Carousel and “GDPR + 1”


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Date - 15/07/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bentley Hotel

The first half of our meeting consists of 15 minute clinics from 5 of the experts within the club.

This is an opportunity to pick the brains of some of our members who are experts in their chosen fields. It is a great chance to understand the range of expertise available to us from within the membership.

Delegates are spread amongst 5 tables, each of which includes one of our specialists who will field questions from the table on their subject. After 15 minutes the 5 specialists move to different tables – and so on until they have visited all 5 tables. The specialists have to work very hard during the evening, everyone else gets some high-quality free advice.

Our experts include Mark Searcy (Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers), Robert Drury (Andy Wilson Financial Services), Carrie Boughtwood (APT Legal), Gail Wood (Lagat Group) and Gemma Summerfield (Reflect Recruitment).

After the break our speaker, David Harris, will talk to us about GDPR compliance one year on from its introduction. He will also touch upon other areas of compliance and governance which are relevant for small business owners.