Once you have booked to attend a networking event, treat it as seriously as any other business meeting. Make sure you know exactly where the meeting will take place – which location, which building, even which room. Understand whether you can park nearby – if not, how long will it take you to get from the car park ?

Such attention to detail is necessary if you are to arrive on time, and preferably early, for your networking event. Arriving early is important because some of the best quality networking takes place before the official start, while the room is filling. Getting there early means you can make good progress in working the room.

Conversely, if you have not done your homework and you arrive late, what kind of first impression does that create for your business ?  If you are always the last to arrive, clearly disorganised and maybe stressed, will folks assume your product and delivery will be the same ?

First impressions are so important, don’t let yourself down, don’t “wing it”.