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Financial Services (Equity Release Specialist)

After 32 years in the financial services industry i started Andy Wilson Financial Services in 2011, specialising in mortgages and Equity Release advice. However the growth in the Equity Release side of my business has been such that from September 2018 I have transitioned the business to only advise in this area and will no longer handle mortgages.

Equity Release allows older homeowners to draw some of the equity tied up in their homes to use as they wish by utilising a ‘lifetime mortgage’. This can help with home improvements, paying off debts, gifting to family, holidays, cars and caravans etc or simply adding some money to the monthly income to enhance later life living.

Unlike ‘normal’ mortgages, lifetime mortgages carry some cast iron guarantees for the borrowers. ensuring they can stay in their own homes for life; they do not have to pay the money back until they die or leave their home, and they will never leave a debt to family when they have gone. Plans are very open, honest and transparent. and I always ensure clients fully understand every aspect of the recommendations I make.

I am particularly interested in forging relationships with professional advisers who already deal with those in my client age group, the over 55’s. This includes Solicitors and Will Writers dealing in the later life advice area, financial and mortgage advisers who do not have access to a reliable Equity Release referral source, and other professionals such as accountants – and even Estate Agents, as lifetime mortgages can be used to buy a new home as well as refinance an existing one.

However everyone will have parents, grandparents and relatives who could potentially benefit from considering Equity Release. I am happy to visit all potential clients in their own home, wherever they live, and carefully explain their options. If a lifetime mortgage unsuitable I will always say so. If you would like a one-to-one chat about this then please let me know.

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